T1 samba bus 1964!

The legendary T1 split window bus from 1964. it does not get any better than this! A genuine Sunroof deluxe bus made in Germany, no brazilian knock off. This has been restored and ready for your enjoyment/

This German built bus from the year 1964 was originally a turquoise bus that spent most of its life in the USA. However, the bus was imported in 2014 and restored to the condition it is now.

The bus is therefore an original Samba bus or also called Sunroof Deluxe. As the name suggests, this is the most luxurious model in the series at the time. This is also the model that is currently most sought after by many classic car enthusiasts, which has also driven the value of the bus upwards over the years.

So you can expect a lot of thumbs up when you are cruising with this bus. Driving in the sun with the sunroof open and the safari windows is a truly unique experience that you must have experienced. And to top it all off, you can also drive this yourself!

The bus runs really smoothly for such an old lady due to the revised gearbox and engine. Ideal for a wedding, anniversary, event or just for a nice day trip.

The extra windows in the roof, the large sliding roof, outside and inside moldings are just some of the features that distinguish this type of bus from the rest.

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