This bus will make you groovy baby!

Without further delay our flower power bus is finally ready to hit the road again. 

This original 1966 SO42 model is a real hippy bus with a flower power look.

When we purchased this vehicle it was in a so called "restored" condition, but we sadly became quickly aware that there were some hidden defects. Lots of bondo, hidden rust and bad repairs from previous owner(s) made us decide to give the bus a total make over. the floor, nose and sills were replaced, the car was repainted and rust was removed. The bad wiring loom was replaced and a new car stereo, auxilary charging circuit, upholstery etc was fitted. 

It has always been my dream to have a real hippy bus in our rental stock and this car was the ideal opportunity for it. After the restauration we wrapped the car in a flower power print. It has the text "make love not war" on the back, a term frequently used in the sixties but now more present than ever sadly.

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