How many people can go in a bus

in both campers 3 persons + 1 driver can enjoy the camper at once

The yellow bus sleeps 2 people, the white bus is a four sleeper model

The beige bus is a 7 person bus (6 passengers + 1 driver)

Can I drive the bus myself

You can drive the car yourself unless stated differently on the specific bus' page.

The driver needs to have a valid driver's license and has to be 25 year old minimum

Where can i go?

You are free to take the bus wherever you want, within our range and with the exception of the low emission zones.
If you still want to enter a low emission zone please report this in advance so that we can purchase a day pass for the LEZ concerned (if available)
Of course we also have many addresses where you can go by bus for a nice trip.

Can I take bikes along

there is no bike rack on the bus