Dagtrip met Mini Moke op gsps

An unordinary roadtrip with friends or family? Our mini moke is available for you

Moke??? A Moke was originally a terrain vehicle developed for the Australian army, but over the years it gained cult status through use in various James Bond films and as a means of transport for the jet set in Spain, Portugal, Italy and southern France.

Our Moke was originally built by Cagiva in Portugal and was delivered on the floral island of Madeira. We found this beautiful specimen in Lisbon, from where we imported and restored this car.

The Moke combines the driving pleasure and track layout of the classic mini (75% of the parts are identical) with the fun of an open car.

The ideal car to take a ride on a sunny summer day. The soft top can be completely dismantled, or for less beautiful days, windows can also be hung on the canvas.

Our Moke is equipped with a GPS and radio / CD / MP3 which also supports Bluetooth.

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